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Y U SO DED? [ Thursday
11/10/05 @ 8:00PM]


I'm not even kidding.
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[REVIEW] Buck-Tick, 13th wa Gekko [13th Floor With Moonshine] [ Thursday
04/14/05 @ 10:02PM]

[ mood | complacent ]

Enter Clown [03:16] It starts off with a drum roll and a burst of suddness. An ominous, muffled sound erupts, followed by a synthed, steady rhythm. The sound of a drum, possibly a timpani follows with numerous additional bursts of sounds, electrical strings and a pizzicato sound...then bells...steadily, building, climbing rhythms steady a very slight quickening of pace as everything begings to meld. It's a very playful song with a burst again at about 01:52. I love the homophonic beats and the gothic feel that comes in at about 02:09. Continual buildup, anticipatory when a fuller, high tone of the underlying melody is added. Build. Build, but beneath it all you can still hear the bell like sound in the background that completed the song. Lovely instrumental opening. ^___^

Kourin [05:27] Continues with the ominous sounds. The heavy, low beats in the beginning sound threatening, as if someone, mainly Atsushi's about to come rip your throat out, hand coated in blood as he smiles. And then the voice...low and even and good with hints of breathlessness. 01:32 the music builds up and yet Atsushi's voice remains calm with only a tease of breaking out those pipes of his. Back to his alluring voice, the fullness of his voice...it settles at the center of your stomach and you still have that anticipation, that need, want for him to just scream something out...and yet it remains. There's a hold back as the bass kills you dead and the guitar murders you where you stand. A brief moment of stillness and then back to Atushi gradually...gradual...gradual and then back to the stillness...back to the gradual climb...up, up and then at about 04:00 it comes. That climax of layered vocals with Atsushi's calmness at the center, wretching out the stillness of you and you remain listening, the note at 05:00 drawn out, the feedback note of a guitar at the end and the final drum pound.

Doukeshi A [03:54] Change of pace with this one. Very sudden, the music, the voice. It sounds like he's playing with the listener, enticing in a blunt sort of manner. Unassuming. This song didn't strike me as much as some of the other tracks. It's alright. Listenable too, but not outstanding aside from Atsushi's ability to groan out notes and mainpulate his voice to demonstrate that FUCK YEAH I'M MOTHERFUCKING ATSUSHI SAKURAI MOTHERFUCKERS BOW DOWN! Yeah. His voice is amazing. I love it here along with the underlying guitar and bass, but the drums seem to overpower the song itself in parts and there's this mashed up layer of sound that I could do without.

Cabaret [04:22] The beginning, with its piano and longing melody and then the introduction of the guitar...Atsushi's slightly fuzzy voice...this electronical sound in the forefront and then BOOM! In your face. I'll beat you into sumbission you fucker sound that mellows back out into the piano/wa wa guitar. Gah. I don't even know how to explain the supreme awesome. I love the tension in the song that the flippin back and forth gives. I love soft vocalizations, but the range in this song I love. His growling voice, back to the quietness of it. *fangirls*

Iijin no yoru [04:12] The heavy bass in the beginning kills me death and then the cymbol. HGkdha;gdah;ghda Enter the guitar and strings. gdahklgd;aga AMAZING. *______* The fast riffing guitar and the background strings with their high-build of tension that drops away only to rebuild. ghdaklgh;da This song is fucking sex. Let me tell you. I need the fucking lyrics like yesterday. And then at about 02:01 you're caught right there. You're caught. There's no escape. Enter drums [amazing, amazing drumming, the use of the top-hat and secondary cymbols....hkdhg;da], bass, guitar playing beautifully off of each other...the drop out, the end? NO You motherfucker! It's not over! Fuck you man! This song's too good to be over, assholes! Atsushi's voice is back to make you bow down and lick his fucking boots clean all while he smirks at you evilly and dark lights flood over everything. It's the strings and the bass that make this song. MAKE IT UTTERLY. Dangerous. This is what the song is and then it ends abruptly and you cry everywhere.

Clown Loves Senorita [01:57] Back to the eerie, nearly haunted sound. Cellos. Broken home, creaking and rocking. A violin? It sounds very full, perhaps a viola? Then the playful keyboarding is back. Syncopated rhythmn. The strings, the strings pulling you in wanting to kill you. You'll be murdered if you step in here. By a child, BT's made a pact with the fucking Devil and you're dead. There's no escape and you'll be stuck inside the circular sound of this song until it's over. And then it is.

Goblin [04:07] The jazzy, 1920's swinging club vibe. the reverberating strings. Vocals, in perfect cohesion with the voice. Yes. Yes. Atsushi. Give it to me. Oh Yeah. CHACHACHACHACHAHCfhsakfh;a Amazing, amazing jazz feel to this. Horns? Electronical manipulations? Who the fuck cares? It's awesome and bouncy and the way he sings, the undulating voice in step with the shifting beat, the top hat emphasizing

Alive [04:08] Delivers exactly what it promises. I love the guitar and the introcution to the vocals is so confident, strong enough to make you feel that. A very open feel with this song. Punctuating percussion and guitar. And my god the bit of violin [?] barely audible in the background...Confidence. Heaps upon heaps of it is what comes out of this song. Amazing, amazing stuff. The breaking down of a rhythms into seperate pieces so that you can hear each section individually before they all come back together. My favorite instrument in a rock band is typically the bass and you can HEAR it in this song. I love that. I love the bursts of surprising rhythms, breaks and instruments you don't expect. A beautiful layering of instruments and pacing. 03:43, that bit of a scream? Perfect. And then it ends. Abruptly as it began.

Gesshoku [04:42]The goddamn bells. the two successive breaks. Atsushi's chant like voice, this song starts off exciting. The bells just kill me dead though. The addition of them add this very distinct styling to the song. Dark, romantic in a sensuous vein. Heady. That's what this album is. Seduction. Alluring voice. HEADY. But really, it's the bells that do me in. The "ahs", undulating in the background, christ they should be annoying. They really should. ~__~ But they aren't. Somehow everything works together and it has traces of a spell casting or something like that.

Lulluby II [01:49] Short instrumental track. Beat skipping rhythm with the sound of anklet bells, continuing with a very carnival theme, whimsical percussion, very light, high-pitched with sudden drops of drum, as if a giant was attempting to knock down a door.

Doll [04:13] This song was interesting. Seems to damned familiar, yet I cannot seem to pick out why that is. O__O; Baroque feel to it somehow...Not in the suypposedly "Baroque Goth"-Malice-Mizer way, perhaps it's simply the way in which the echoing wall of sound in certain parts sounds like a layer of crying ghosts, electronic manipulations again of course. Damn interesting. Haha. This song makes me think of Atsushi and the rest of the band doing a cover of Malice Mizer's Beast of Blood PV. XD

Passion [05:15]The sustained, low keyboard notes breaking into sustained guitar and drums/cymbals with the constant, ominious light keyboard...additional sharp precussion...I get images of someone being marched to their death before a firing squad. The guitar sounds metal, not in the thrashy way metal sometimes is, but rather in the hair-metal manner, except there is an actual distinctiveness to the chords. This song, sans a few instruments could easily be utilized for a horror film, a high-gloss one, but nonetheless...Not my favorite song on the album, but it's good. One of the running themes within all of the songs seems to be tension; there is a sustained ambiance of resistance for Atushi to just break out with overt intensity vocally right away. He holds back, guitar/drums/bass shredding away the barrier and then his voice kind of coats over it beauitifully.

13byou [00:13] XD 13 Second of silence. Oh. BT. <3

Romance -Incubo- [04:35] The opening guitar, [which is the reason I became entranced with the damn Romance single @___@] is altered just a tiny bit here, not a massive difference, but enough that it's noticeable. Atsushi's voice is a breath across your skin, a perfect accompaniment to the music and it blends, climbs through the notes, it's nearly perfect here. I don't think I'll ever get tired of listneing to this song. At about 02:09, back to the chorus and @___@ 02:42, keyboard, guitar. fhdakgha;h;dgha; Atsushi's little breaths, his ahs. Yeah. They get to me. 04:11 the song winds down and fades off....

Seraphim [03:14] Bass. This song at first, just the music and the first ten seconds or so of Atsushi's voice sounds nearly like something you'd sing your child to sleep with. [Just watch the lyrics be something obscene. Haha. Although I really don't get that vibe with this.] The "lala~lalala"s are vauguely misplaced, but not unbearable. Again with the fucking bells. They just kill me. AH! Actually scratch that. This song is like the JRock Christmas Carol. XD Fuck man, it seriously sounds like a rocking Christmas carol, the music is so lilting, it rocks you back and forth. Perfect for swaying along to it. I can imagine it would be awesome live. And I think there's a sax in the background? Aw. =( But then it ends.

The Nightmare [05:53] Longest track on the album. And I'm thinking my absolute favorite. I've listened to this song an insane amount of times already. @____@ I'm talking something like 25 times in a row and then I listened to it again and again and again, etc. etc. There's this darkwave vibe, what with the throbbing synth and the rhythmic what the fuck are they....hand timpanis or something? Then at about 02:02 it breaks out into this amazing instrumental thread of stings and winds amid the guitar and heavy, brooding drums. This song screams fire eaters, darkness enveloped streets, running, screaming and hiding behind masks as you clasp someone's hand in yours. SEX. If there's any one song that echoes the glint of a cimmerian lavaliere, it's this goddamn song. I LOVE ATSUSHI'S VOCALS in this. This song...this song to me is perfect. If you disagree with anything else, which of course I expect you to, just don't say anything about this song if you don't love it. Because I would acually cut you in half. =__=; Haha. I'm kidding, but seriously. Say whatever the fuck you want, I love this song. :D

Diabolo -Lucifer- [03:52] This song is where the jesters come out with their broken-limb dance, prance about with their jingling hands and everyone clamors onto a hellish merry go round and the band members play for Satan himself as he collects your goddamn soul. Yes. So different, y'know? The languid vocal, enhanced with background vocals of the high-pitch variety and the partially-spoken voice of DOOM! :O At about 03:04 is almost sounds like he's saying "Navidad". Oh. I <3. Last thirty seconds or so are awesome with their rushing crowd feel.

Who's Clown? [02:59] The childlike xylophone as a whispering echo builds up, that circus like feel, the DAMN BELLS. Then it's darkness, a complete, roundabout turn back to the original melody of the introductionary song. Violin, timpani, cellos. Death, marionette strings...halting, engaging. You're stuck in the house of mirrors, your golden embroidered mask in your hands...and there it is. The exit, but it's the end. Too bad.

OVERALL: This album has the feel of a stylized Venetian carnival. Beautifully covered, emblazoned with bursts of color, expressive. I can't make any sort of comparison to any of their past albums, seeing as how I'm a new BT fan and I've never heard the other albums all the way through with tracks in proper order, but I can honestly say I love/adore/etc. this album. Yes, BT isn't to everyone's taste, ;), but for me this album is solid.

RATING: On my own scale of goodness, I hereby dub 13kai wa Gekko 13th Floor With Moonshine a solid and enthusiastic 10/10. Well deserved. ^____^ <333333333333

FAV. TRACKS Ijin no yoru It's the goddamn bass. It's amazing.
Romance -Incubo- The song that began the BT obsession
The Nightmare I don't even know what in the hell it is about this song...I mean...I just love it.

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[VOZHUMANA] [ Friday
02/18/05 @ 7:55PM]

[ mood | curious ]

Alright you two, limit_breaker, dempaquin/koba_sama:

Should the mp3 rotation for Vozhumana just be placed here instead? It's much simpler than having to keep track of an html site and you guys would be able to help out with it. And for the most part, Yousendit and Youshareit are more reliable/easier to user/faster than Yahoo, correct?

Let me know if you have any opinions. Also, I'm adding your second account to this, alright Crar? Check here: to manage your invites.

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[Book] Narcissus and Goldmund [ Monday
01/31/05 @ 7:35PM]

[ mood | complacent ]

Eventually I will add some content here review wise.

Title: Narcissus and Goldmund
Author: Herman Hesse

This book is one of my absolute favorites. I will be the first to admit that the translation seems a bit awkward and that it isn't everyone's thing, but holy mother of god the sheer, absolute, gorgeous, stunning potential it has for some serious slash ficcage. *___*

There is one main protagonist within the story, a young man named Goldmund and although he's incredibly interestesting in his own right, it's the monk Narcissus that really drew me in.

And I don't have the attention span or time to finish this up. Maybe later, yo.

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Lit Slash [ Wednesday
01/26/05 @ 8:47PM]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Alright, finally have something to actually update with. Literary slash. This author really amazes me with her diction, her ability to capture the tone and feel of books like Clarissa and Pride and Prejudice. She sounds aboslutely authentic and yet not dry. I love her work. She's also the author that wrote some extremely wonderful Quatre/Trowa ficcage. I wish I could write as intelligently as she can.

Check out these in this order, because I'm really fond of these two Clarissa pieces and I think it's enhanced when you read The Surrogate first.

The Surrogate http://www.ontheqt.org/hermione/literary/misc3.html#surrogate
Swordplay http://www.ontheqt.org/hermione/literary/misc4.html#swordplay

For Swordplay, I was initially put off by the POV, but it worked beautifully. Goes to show that occasional experimentation can't hurt, though I don't believe I could do something like that and pull it off.

Other things I would recommend would be Opium, which plays off of Dracula, her David Copperfield pieces, and Maurice. I promise, these all make good reads! Come on, it's well-done literary slash. How can you say no?

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Drabble [ Wednesday
01/26/05 @ 7:06PM]

[ mood | hungry ]

I have to say, Joseph Conrad can be damn ridiculous at times with his descriptions. And really . . . reading professional criticism on books really ruins it for you when they toss around such stupid theories. Anyway, here's something Conrad always does: "It was the stillness of an implacable force brooding over an inscrutable intention." He uses implacable, brooding, inscrutable, etc. over and over again, laundry listing them at times and he sounds ridiculous.

Anyway, that wasn't really what I wanted to talk about, sorry for that stupid little rant. I have a question, very simple, how the hell do you do screen captures on Photoshop? I really don't want to figure it out on my own. Tell me. Please.

Um, anything else I want to say? Read Janet Evanovich. If you read it from start to finish, you'll be guaranteed moments where you just guffaw. Yes, folks, guffaw. You'll burst out laughing, face twisted with incredulity at something Lula or Stephanie's done. Come on, Lula is one of the goddamn funniest characters I've ever read. I love New Jersey now. I love Trenton. I love big hair and pot roast and dateless Saturdays spent with psycho grandmothers.

One for the Money is pretty darn funny, but my favorites usually come later. Eight, Nine, Ten are all at around the top of my list, but none of the others suck. There's usually something to redeem it. For example, in Three to Get Deadly, your average, friendly, candy store owner who's gone missing is actually a gang-busting vigilante who is a well known underground pornographer going by the name of M. Bed. Bwahahahaah.

Sorry, I kind of ruined that for everyone, but there's plenty of other things going on. Stephanie's grandmother is hilarious. Go read it! I've been on an Evanovich-craze lately, so that's why I decided to do a kind of "I'm a hyper Stephanie-Morelli-Ranger-Lula-Grandmother Mazur fan!" type thing.

And I just wanted to update this baby because I love it very much. Eventually, I'll have something else interesting to say. Oh, and I got the gmail notifier, which sits on your desktop bar and notifies you whenever you're online if you have mail. It would be a lot cooler if say you weren't online at all and it could notify you. That would be for the best, but this puts gmail on par with regular email that you get with CS and AOL, because you know as soon as you're online if you've got mail. And gmail is a lot damn cooler than CS, AOL, yahoo, etc. Come on, it's gmail. Hits the spot. Bwahahaha.

And, to wrap up this mindless update, here's a joke:

You remind me of a saint . . . a SAINT BERNARD!

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Sephiroth X Cloud [ Tuesday
01/18/05 @ 7:48PM]

[ mood | busy ]


Title: Da'ath Trinity
Rating: R
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII

I'll write up a detailed review when I have more time.

For now, just read the damn thing. I don't care if you haven't played the game. The angst hurts so gooood.

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Goku x Homura [ Monday
01/17/05 @ 10:23PM]


Title: Going Under
Rating: R
Pairing: Goku/Homura
Fandom: Saiyuki

I'm a huge Goku/Sanzo whore, but this was a well written Goku/Homura, and not Insane/Rape-happy Homura, so I'm not going to be picky. As I said before, Goku thinks in this fic. The fic is very calm throughout, and it's reflected in Goku. I like that he has a calmer, more thoughtful process of thinking in this fic. I like what he thinks.

The intertwining of italicized quotes from the episode and the fic itself was really done well, and it made me want to see the episode rather desperately. Goku has his own room in the inn and he's being pensive when Homura suddenly appears. This might put up your radars for "huh, excuse for Homura to screw and unwilling and or slutty Goku into the ground" but it isn't, which is good once in awhile. I don't really want to go into more details, but it's a thoughtfully done fic. Nice imagery throughout.

If anyone could recommend something along these lines, an intelligent Saiyuki fic, I would be happy. It's hard to find an intelligent Saiyuki fic. While smut is always fun, sometimes a little thought behind the smut is welcome too. You know, complex angst is what I and Asher and half the fandom live for.
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Diru Calendar [ Saturday
01/08/05 @ 11:21AM]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I quite honestly love this calendar. I liked 2002-2003's because . . . well, basically because there was a gorgeous half-naked Toshiya that reminded me implicitly of Sweetness!Toshiya, but that calendar was entirely monochromatic and a bit too film noir-ish for me. 2003-2004 had a little more color, Toshiya was trying for a zombie look and it was . . . anyway, 2005-2006 rocks.

Each page is artistically done, the photos are amazing and it doesn't look as pretentiously film noir-ish as previous calendars have. Very exciting to look at, and in the case of the July/August page, a lot to look at. I haven't quite decided which page is my favorite, but I have to say that I like each and every single page of this delicious calendar.

I took some pictures with my camera, and I tried to ul them onto photobucket to no avail. It took so freaking long that I kept on exiting and it had only uled half the pic. I realized later that each picture was three or four mb big, so I reduced the size. The ones I really like, I kept a bit bigger.

It'd be useless for me to describe each page, right? The pictures aren't the best, but they're better than what I could say.

Read more...Collapse )

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Bamboo, Daggers and Takeshi [ Monday
01/03/05 @ 6:08PM]

[ mood | hungry ]

Even though I personally think Zhang Zhi Yi is overrated and in way too many high profile films, I have to admit that she was perfect in House of Flying Daggers. I've had the movie lying around for awhile, but I never remembered to finish watching it. Finally saw it on Saturday and was impressed, fell quite in love with the movie. I don't think it's quite as pretentious as Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, mainly because of the addition of Takeshi Kaneshiro into the cast.

First of all, I really like him as I've seen him in a few Chinese movies and in a couple J-doramas. Always playing the cool hearthrob/musician of the show, but he has a pretty face, what other part would they let him play, huh? In the last movie I saw him in, he was an angel who had fallen onto Earth and was following Kelly Chen around begging for some love. In this alt-universe, all you need to do to get into heaven is love others. And the way to subsist on earth is to be loved, admired, etc. Accordingly, when Kelly doesn't give him enough affection, he has to turn to stripping to get the attention he needs to survive. A really adorable movie, silly as the premise sounds.

Anyway, back to </i>Daggers</i>, sorry for that detour. Takeshi is perfect: a playful, charming skirt-chaser with a wonderful grin that lights up his entire face. He has the charm to give the movie a different face than the usual blah blah, pretty fights, austere Chinese people stereotypes. Andy Lau didn't play as large a role in the movie as I expected, and I didn't think his performance was anything spectacular, really. I'm probably still too spoiled from Infernal Affairs.

You can find a more detailed summary of what's happening elsewhere, but basically, Lau and Takeshi are guards in the Imperial Army who are trying to find the faction House of Flying Daggers, who are planning subversive plots against the weak, incompetent emporer who is never seen. They have already assasinated the old leader of the faction, but the militants are still going strong, armed with their old leader's blind daughter. Lau sends Takeshi to investigate a harem/pavilion where a beautiful blind girl is working as a dancer and is rumored to have martial arts skills. In the end, Takeshi is working somewhat undercover as he rescues Mei, the dancer, from jail in hopes that she will lead him to the House of Flying Daggers, etc.

The fight scenes and the dance scene in the beginning are worth the entire movie alone. It's visually orgasmic. The vivid colors, the graceful movements, the suspense. The entire movie is a visual feast. My usual complaint for these types of movies are that they are too high-vaulted. They are emotionally estranged and while you admire the visuals, the characters are forgettable. Takeshi and Mei manage to leave a deep impression, especially Takeshi, and that's what makes this movie. His vigor and confidence stay with you throughout the movie, cementing the visual eye candy by getting you emotionally invested in what's happening. Towards the second half, there are plot twists that hit you bang, bang, bang, one right after the other. I was totally surprised during the movie, but afterwards, it did seem a little arbitrary.

Takeshi is worth it. To me, he was the entire movie. Whenever I think of the movie, I see his face, his grin, and no, it's not because I'm shallow, assholes. He was magnetic in that movie.

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Jon Stewart Rocks [ Monday
12/27/04 @ 5:32PM]

[ mood | hungry ]

My sister bought me Jon Stewart's America: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction. Excerpts:

Rome's most enduring legacy? A numerical system taht allowed future generations to easily keep track of Super Bowls.

In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue . . . and discovered America. Now, some have argued Columbus actually discovered the West Indies, or that Norsemen had discovered America enturies earlier, or that you really can't get credit for discovering a land already populated by indigenous people with a developed civilization. Those people are communists. Columbus discovered America.

"The Revolution is over. America has triumped. Let us continue to solve any and all disputes by using violence." - American General Anthony Wayne at the Battle of Yorktown

Most Alphabetical Presidents

1. John Adams
2. John Quincy Adams
3. Chester Arthur
4. James Buchanan
5. George H.W. Bush
6. George W. Bush

As this list clearly shows, some fathers like to cruelly saddle their sons with middle names that appear later in the alphabet than their own.

Discussion Questions:
What is the central ideological difference between democracy and cannibalism?

Have you ever founded anything? If so, is it something that went on to become a global superpower? If not, why not?

If "con" is the opposite of "pro," then isn't Congress the opposite of progress? Or did we just fucking blow your mind?

How many of the nine Supreme Court justices can you name? How man of the nine members of The Brady Bunch can you name? What does that say about you?

What are the top 100 TV shows you would rather watch instead of the nightly news?

Where do you see democracy 500 years in the future? How about 502 years?

Classroom Activities:
Have the class perform a real-time, period-accurate reenactment of the Protestant Reformation. That should buy you plenty of time to step outside for a smoke.

Found a country.

Ask your students to choreograph an interpretive dance or compse a tone poem that represents the spirit of their favorite piece of legislation currently under construction by a Senate subcomittee.

Disenfranchise a black student.

Oh yeah, and, my favorite passage, or at least in my top 5:

A free and independent press is essential to the health of a functioning democracy. It serves to inform the voting public on matters relevant to its well being. Why they've stopped doing that is a mystery. I mean, 300 camera crews outside a courthouse to see what Kobe Bryant is wearing when the judge sets his hearing date, while false information used to send our country to war goes unchecked? What the fuck happened? These spineless cowards in the press have finally gone too far. They have violated a trust. "Was the president successful in convincing the country?" Who gives a shit? Why not tell us if what he said was true? And the excuses. My God, the excuses! "Hey, we just give the people what they want." "What can we do, this administration is secretive." "But the last season of Friends really is news." The unmitigated gall of these weak-willed . . . You're supposed to be helping us, you indecent piles of shit! I . . . fuck it. Just fuck it . . .

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Where in the hell is ASAMI!?! [ Monday
12/27/04 @ 11:35AM]

[ mood | WHAT THE FUCK? ]

Viewfinder needs to come out.

NOW. O__O Why the hell is someone holding a gun to Takaba's head!?

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BL games [ Sunday
12/26/04 @ 6:47PM]

[ mood | flirty is the stupidest mood ]

Well, I want one.

I could easily download one of the ones that have English patches and play them, but then there's the parent issue.

Goddammit, I'd never be able to enjoy playing one because I'd be constantly shifting about trying to make sure they don't walk in during the little cg sex scenes. Haha. And that's the whole point of a BL game, dammit! Unlocking the cgs! The fruit of your labor. <_<; For now, I'll content myself by looking up caps. ^__^ And things with them. But seriously. Japan needs to fucking lighten up on those obscenity laws. Pixelation of the goods made me sad. ;____;

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[VOZHUMANA] Rotation #001 [ Saturday
12/25/04 @ 12:50PM]

[ mood | Zzz? ]

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on what I was thinking for the first rotation.

Dir en grey's 5 Days Blitz Mushi live cut is the first thing. We have to start off the rotation strong and I love this song. <3

As for the other four tracks I was thinking something from these bands. If you have any input let me know before or ON Monday.

[1] Milphinne
[2] Rentrer en Soi
[3] Madeth Gray'll
[4] NeiL
[5] Gazette
[6] Kaggra
[7] D
[8] Schwarz Stein

And that's all for the moment. Hope your Christmas was decent. And dempaquin, if you get a chance call me. ^^;

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[RULES] [ Saturday
12/25/04 @ 12:35PM]

[ mood | Details. Details. ]

You didn't think I'd actually make some, did you? XD

I just want to keep things organized. I don't care WHAT you guys update here. You could copy and paste what you put on your personal journal and update it here as well, but for anything concerning Reasgach, I want you to do me this favor:

If you're making a post concerning any of the sites set up your post in this manner:

------SUBJECT : name of the site ex. Vozhumana, Milas Deka, Falter, Reasgach, etc. and a brief explanation of what the post will center on
------ENTRY : Be concise about whatever issue you're addressing.
------CONTENT: If you're ready with content for one of this sites and want to send it to me, use ONLY this email address: reasgach@gmail.com

Sounds a bit bitchy...but once we get everything moving it'll make it easier to keep things organized. Especially since I WILL be taking the time to archive the entries in the memories section. V___V;

Just work with me here and I'll make it worth your while. *smooches*

I'll do an example entry for you two, alright? Since I will ACTUALLY be putting the first rotation of Vozhumana Monday. Got it? If there's any one song you desperately want to be put up, I'm thinking five each rotation, write it up and send me the file.

Alright, darlings. That's all. ^___^

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[ Friday
12/24/04 @ 9:41PM]

[ mood | surprised ]

Ne, I think the Music Station Super Special is over. *sniff* I heard that Tsubasa gave Tackey a massage and that he was molested by some older fan. He missed the first few lines of Serenade because of that overzealous oba-chan. Poor baby. It's okay. Tackey should have been the one massaging you and I hope he does so tonight. Hahaha.

I don't have anything really that I want to review that would make sense. I could go on and on about Johnny's, but that seems a little self-serving, huh? Eventually, I want to do a review on Rentrer en Soi's single, Wither, and Gazette's Zetsu, though those have been out for awhile because those are the two best singles I've heard all year long besides The Final. Those three singles gave me hope for jrock. Those were the only three singles I can recall of at the moment that made me excited, that had me pressing repeat-repeat-repeat thirty times. They just blew me away.

Things to look foward to in 2005:

1. Dir en grey's 5th album 'withering to death' 3/9
2. Rentrer en Soi's 1st album 'sphire croid' 1/26
3. Tackey & Tsubasa's Harucon DVD 2/2
4. Kanjani 8/NEWS/KAT-TUN/Ya-ya-yah concert releases (please please please!)

I really want to see my son in action, you know? I have problems. Hehe.

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Wootism. [ Friday
12/24/04 @ 9:10PM]

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Yes, yes. The two of you, limit_breaker and dempaquin, bow down to me, your SUPREME REASGACH MODERATOR!

Alright. So the layout's up and running and this means you bastards better start working with me on the network. This includes dropping by and making a blog entry here. I don't mean it has to be every freaking day...but CLOSE.

Please me and once Adobe begins working with me and I upgrade my comp a bit, you shall get some sweet layouts and icons.

And goddamn it, start typing up some reviews and thinking of songs you want to upload for VOZHUMANA!!

Your loving mod.


As dempaquin so beautifully put it, I have taken the community's virginity. <3

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